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The organization supplying a adhesive in an adhesive pressure vessel system was the assignment 5 years back. They succeeded in this through all because of their buyers. Now, with 1 morning in the Netherlands and Belgium, they deliver contact adhesive in pressure vessels and spray cans. For every spray adhesive application, a adhesive quality is in the scope for those customers.


They will work very safely and cost-effectively if someone works in the pressure vessel system. A Epdm Lijm Kopenadhesive blower system will be no longer needed by the customers. The EPDM glue gives no racket and adhesives waste. The individual utilizing this will continue to work loss with a portable EPDM glue system. It’s not hard to carry anywhere to it, whether on a rooftop or carport.

By emptying the spray adhesive pressure boat, it can change the spray adhesive pressure vessel. After draining the vessel squeeze the spray gun time to publish the pressure out of the spray nozzle and then close the tap of this spitting thyme pressure boat. Disconnect the spray spout from the pressure container that is empty and join it to a pressure boat that is fresh. Next, it may immediately turn on the tap again and resume the work.

A starter package can be ordered by anyone via this site. There are 3 qualities at various rates. There is really a package for every single application. The beginning package DS-408 can be an entire start package with 22 liters. It’s a spray glue pressure vessel, sprays gun steel, and sprays hose 5.50 m. If interested, kindly look at the site and place the order.

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