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Serigraphy or even serigraphie is really a form of art finished with the silk-screen printing process. A stencil is used by the process. It is believed to have first originated during the Song Dynasty from China. Stencils are used to print designs on cloth using ink with the remaining part of the cloth included in means of a stencil that blocks excess ink. With the advancements within the field, serigraphie may be carried out on various materials and shapes.

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Back in Europe, the stenciling technique was adopted by amateurs for mostly purposes. Stencils were also used to add color to credit cards and religious images published with wood blocks. By the 17th century, the procedure was being used to print elaborate wallpapers. And by the late 18th century, stencil printing had left its way into the New World. However, it was not which screenprinting was started initially to be in use. Because of new technologies such as the hottest automatic media, Serigraphie has become far convenient and reliable. New types of printing, such as color printing and inks, are all available after such advances.

There’s additionally Serigraphie which is in use for art printing that will have value. High quality prints made by print making artists sell for thousands. So this sort of art is valuable only.

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