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Serigraphia or even serigraphy is really a type of art finished with the silk-screen printing process. The silkscreen process utilizes a stencil to produce a print of images or designs. It’s believed to have originated during the Song Dynasty in China. Stencils are utilised to print designs with the rest of the material included in means of a stencil that blocks excess ink. Now with the advancements in the area, serigrafia might be achieved on various materials and shapes.

Italians enjoy the production process’ preparation and simply take strict quality control. Screenprinting is just actually a printing process. Historians presume it dates back to ancient China while there isn’t any specific data. According to some legend that they used the hair to which they pasted papers of women. It formed drawings on which they employ lacquer so that they would be waterproof. It’s often called a technique to manufacture applications that were precious such as industry areas, and its graphic, cloth and has been disclose fresh potentialities.


Serigrafia machines are compatible with several surfaces, including textiles. Printing machines are regarded as a notch above the others as they may print on substrates of thickness, any shape, and size.

Creating serigraphs were such labor and time-intensive straight back in the days. However, the work and extended, arduous process are evident in the result. New technologies and printers are available, which makes the work more comfortable Now. One may even begin your business because the printers are not expensive.

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